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Buyang Group successfully completed its tenth marketing seminar(Hits:) 
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February 18, 2012 --3 20 March, the tenth step Yang Group tour marketing seminar held in the country, after 20 region, nearly 3,000 dealers participated in this conference, group sales manager Liyue Ping, Liubin Yi, vice president of sales, respectively, led the team to go to the country organized the meeting, chairman of the group Xubu Yun attended the meeting. The theme of the conference is "passion across, reform and innovation," discusses the analysis of national real estate macro-control policies, and in an increasingly tough market competition environment, how to solve the problem of marketing efforts, bigger and stronger marketing network advantages, to create a branch has a strong combat effectiveness of the sales team.

This seminar, to convey the company's lean production, technological, etc., introduce foreign advanced management experience and management philosophy, to encourage all dealers to accelerate the transformation of marketing ideas, establish brand awareness, improve store level, the sales focus from retail shift engineering market, continue to move forward towards seize step Yang Hengda, Vanke and other large real estate company for many years of cooperation as an opportunity to participate in large real estate companies, engineering bidding for government housing projects, in order to develop a broader market, the stronger career bigger.

Group Chairman Buyun Xu attended the seminar part of the region, and delivered an important speech and interact with live dealers. This session of the Marketing Seminar constructive comments were collected a total of more than 100 of accumulated bonuses over 1560 million. 2012 Buyang Group last month, after 20 regional marketing seminar held successfully achieved a strong reaction in the country, it was a rousing Assembly is an innovation of the General Assembly, but also man-made step - the New Year sales target completion at the oath-taking the General Assembly, I believe in all the joint efforts of step - step Yang Group will be able to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Chairman speech

Chairman of the award for outstanding dealers

All dealers stand under oath

Chengdu Office meeting site

Chairman posed for pictures with all of Henan dealers

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