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Buyang Group held "safety, emergency ambulance, health knowledge" seminar(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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In order to enhance employee safety awareness and health consciousness in the production of life, so that more people can grasp rescue knowledge, away from injuries and incidents, to better focus on their own health and that of others, the company in March 27 held in the afternoon at the headquarters of the fourth floor training room "safe production, emergency ambulance, health knowledge" seminar. Company doors, wheel workshop production technology backbone, workshop director, section chief and a total of 150 people participated in the training.

The lecture invite health experts Jinhua science health service center staff to explain the knowledge field of emergency ambulance and other aspects of the prevention of occupational diseases, including: incidents, accidental injury (ie injury) emergency treatment, on-site emergency rescue knowledge, common occupational disease prevention and improved mental health knowledge and improve prevention and other common office. Plain language instructor and to-life case has aroused great interest of employees, scientific and practical knowledge of health rescue, interesting lectures and field simulation exercises scene benefited many students, one hour after the end of the lecture, many employees enough, they have expressed the wish to have more opportunities to participate in this seminar.

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