Buyang Outdoor Development Activities

Time:2021-03-24 14:02:41

In order to better stimulate everyone's passion for work, establish the awareness of active communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation, and win in the team between employees, enhance the sense of responsibility and belonging of employees, and show everyone's style. All management personnel of our company participated Outdoor outreach activities with the theme of "stimulating youth and letting the soul free".

The expansion training kicked off in a unique climbing peak. After a brief introduction, all the trainees were divided into groups with department as the main body, with the department head as the team leader. After thinking broadly, every The captain gave his team the creative team names "fighting team", "elite group" and "charge group", and this was how it came into being. In the subsequent games, the captain must lead all the team members to climb the peak together on the premise of safety , To ensure that every team member is not left behind. The raging fire is burning, the temperature in the mountains is comfortable, everyone's enthusiasm is high, and laughter fills the mountains. The entire climbing game not only reflects the self-protection awareness and resilience of the employees, but also Give full play to the spirit of teamwork.