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The company held fire literacy seminars(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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May 7 afternoon, in order to improve staff awareness on fire step - master the fire safety knowledge, improve self-protection and rescue capabilities, the company invited Hangzhou six into the fire missionary center speaker Wushao Wen instructor, fourth floor conference room at headquarters held "comprehensive fire protection, life-oriented" fire literacy seminars, from doors, wheel shop managers hundred people attended the training.

Lecture, Wu instructors from the perspective of universal knowledge of fire starting, through one's daily life in case of fire, explained the cause of the fire could easily lead Qunsiqunshang importance of fire in the officer reasonably evacuation, usually hidden investigation and Science corrective, preventive effect on the daily management of fire and other fire safety knowledge; from a legal perspective to explain the legal liability should bear responsibility for fire, and the fire service how to do the "four capacities" ways and means of building and so on.

Then also conducted on-site fire drills, Wu instructors explain in detail the causes of the fire, fire prevention, on-site processing, and fire escape self knowledge and skills, and fire extinguishers, and other fire equipment anti-drug charges mask the use of on-site demonstration. Through this seminar and field exercises to enhance the people's awareness on fire, so that we have knowledge of the relevant security risks and possible disasters and other emergencies have a better understanding.

Employees are certified lectures

Employees at the fire scene to conduct drills

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