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2012 Fourth China Building Materials Business Conference China Building Materials Circulation Association on May 19 grand opening supported by the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the General Assembly issued a "national building materials Billboard - - 2011 most valuable brand "selection results, space-based virtue of its strong brand strength and market reputation, in one fell swoop won the" 2011 most Valuable brand "title. Leaders from the relevant state ministries and CCTV, Xinhua, People, Qianlong, China Business News, Economic Daily, Reference News, China Business Times, China Enterprise News, China Real Estate News, HC network, network, and other countries, nearly media reporters to witness this glorious moment.

Currently, home building has become an important pillar industry of national economic development. A large home building materials enterprises in the country groups, to fight product quality, fight market services, and ultimately return the system to the brand value of the competition. It is based on this concept, the building materials 3.15 Billboard adhere to the value of the judgment to the letter Zhi Yuan's fundamental purpose, to the overall perspective of scientific development, to the height of national brand of authority to the National Building Material billboard grand release in 2011 most valuable brands, including selected step - including a group with strong strength and enormous development potential of China's building material production, distribution and logistics of building materials brand, by establishing a model to guide the consumer trend, thus promoting the building materials industry, science development, enhance the overall image of the home building industry. China Building Materials Business Conference is one of the grand home building materials distribution and building materials production industry's most authoritative and influential by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as a key support for the show. Since China's building materials business of the General Assembly held successfully for three, has become the country's building materials industry studies predict trends released, information interaction, exchange and cooperation platform focus, is the building materials enterprises and entrepreneurs authoritative annual event of great concern.

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