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Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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26 afternoon, "China Economic Forum, the new doors and windows" in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Centre, held multi-purpose hall, former chief engineer of the Ministry of Housing, president of the China Construction Metal Structure Association Yao Bing, Chinese building materials brand marketing expert Kang positive, China Construction Metal structure Association Committee of wood windows and doors Panguan Jun, deputy director of Quality Supervision Bureau of Chen Jinhua Bin, chairman of the company Xubu Yun (President Yongkang steel doors industry associations) and other leaders attended the forum, Secretary-General of China construction Metal Structure Association Liu Zhe opening remarks.

At the forum, the chairman and high-end guests, together with 300 door industry entrepreneurs and professional managers from across the country together, around the "new economy, new marketing, new brand" theme launched a dialogue were to learn the Internet, to help push mode of operation of modern enterprises, new media communication and brand China door brand new marketing and other aspects of the in-depth discussion and exchanges, discuss how in the current difficult market environment, promoting door in this industry transformation and upgrading of development. Chairman and guests also announced the 2012 "Ten doors industry leader China New Economy", "door industry leader in China's top ten brand new economy."

Pictured Buyun Xu chairman (president Yongkang steel doors and windows Association) dialogue gate prices head

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