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"Buyang Ban" The Second Zhejiang Normal University set up(Hits:) 
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une 21, organized by the Group and Zhejiang Normal University 2012 the second "positive step class" was held at the opening ceremony of the fifth floor of the Zhejiang Normal University Xingzhi College Auditorium. Group Executive Sous Mingsong Cheng Xingzhi and Zhejiang Normal University Dean Akiko expensive, attended the opening ceremony.

The current total of 43 participants were from marketing, finance, foreign trade, English and other different professions, all in accordance with the requirements of enterprise development in the professional selection of students will graduate students arrange internships in various sector groups. Zhejiang Normal University College and co-taught a class trip that the group is exploring new aspects of human resources development, which reserves for the development of enterprise management more outstanding cadres.

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