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Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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Leave school time draws near, newborn Zhejiang University of Technology Huang Ji already packed their bags, but his heart did not bottom, own in the end can not successfully into college life, the family has not gather 7,000 yuan tuition.

Huang Ji outstanding academic achievement has been the pride of the family, this year's college entrance examination score of 536 made. But the family can not afford his college expenses. After her parents divorced father heard from his mother to work 13 hours every day until 1:00, meager income to maintain the daily expenses can only live frugally. Huang Ji's brother dropped out of school last year at home, someone else to sell electric faucet on Taobao, earned the money used in the body of his brother. But the first half of this year, the business is not very good electric faucet, my brother has no business for many days, and he wants to sell other products and suffer no capital.

August 31, 5000 yuan Group Vice President Mingsong Cheng will step - the student section of millions of public funds to the Huang Ji hands. "I can finally go to college, and I will continue this love." Huang Ji melancholy face finally broadened into a smile, step Yang ten million public fund student activities as he lit a life of hope.

This year, there are 40 poor college students will take step - the love, with a vision of a better future, into the university campus to achieve the ideal family. August 31, step Yang began issuing millions of public funds, this is the first step - the sixth consecutive year since the establishment of millions of public funds to carry out student activities, so far has 240 poor college students funded by the Fund.

This year, step Yang ten million student public funds expanded the scope of student objects in addition to the household registration Yongkang freshman, but also added a new permanent Kang Renzi female. In this year's 40 recipients of the students, there are eight new permanent Kang Renzi female. Zhaotong Jing Xianghong An home village of stone to help dart admitted to China Civil Aviation University, his father Shijia Kun because there is no technology, working low income live weight, a person can only be mixed with food and clothing. Received after his son's student section, Jiashen He second home to their loved ones bowed deeply.

Chairman Buyun Xu encouraged recipients to students, by learning to change the fate of becoming a socially useful talent to become a great love of people and love to pass it, in order to contribute to the community for their care.

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