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November 3, 2012 China Private Enterprises Brand Building Forum held in step Yang Group.

Director of the China SME Development Promotion Center Qin Zhihui, director of the Ministry of Commerce Industry Bureau Wu Yan, Zhang Division of the State Council Economic and Trade Policy Research Thailand, the National Federation of Democratic Management Department Minister Guo Jun, assistant president of the Chinese Academy of Economic Reform and Development, Renmin University of China Zhang Peili water and city leaders Xu Hua, Lu Yong, the group participate in the forum.

The forum theme of "new business era corporate brand building and social responsibility." Participating government, industry, academia three experts and scholars around the theme of the forum, a series of brilliant speech and dialogue, and agreed that the enterprise is to promote economic and social development of an important force play in solving global problems and to promote the construction of harmonious society more and more important role in strengthening social responsibility, and establish brand awareness is the specific requirements of the new era of commercial civilization enterprises raised.

Mayor Huashui Xu that in the private economy is relatively developed Yongkang, guide enterprises to strengthen brand building and establish the concept of social responsibility has a very important practical significance. The city's private entrepreneurs rely on hammering, chipping away the hardware started to develop up to now, companies while having a certain size, the quality of some products close to or reached the international level, but also in brand building needs to be strengthened .

Huashui Xu entrepreneurs hope to "justice and benefit both," to the rich and the source, progress after, not the profit as the only goal, to reflect concern for human values in the production process, a positive commitment to social responsibility, to create a good corporate values.

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Private Enterprises Brand Building Forum

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