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Buyun Xu, chairman of the Zhejiang Normal University lecture(Hits:) 
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November 28, 2012, Zhejiang Normal Xingzhi College students and teachers gathered more than 200, Xu busy taking the time for the students to give lectures, complaints about the five years of his life, with their own business are taking the course, the education of the students now what to do, how to locate, like how to face their own future, to teach students to cherish the current college years, to know how grateful, to return to the motherland, the parents return, learn knowledge to enrich themselves, prepare for the future.

Finally, Xu a question and answer session with the students, the students are most concerned about the current employment and total Xu early days most grateful people on issues such questions. Xu are all pop star, teachers and students in the class quoted applause and cheers.

Xu lecture

Zhejiang Normal University Students in serious lectures

On the student to ask questions

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