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Buyang 200 male public funds Zaixun hardship(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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These days, the people Yongkang Daily Mail poor counseling centers have home-step, year-end public funds Zhukun do every day matters. Due to the year when we prepared for the approaching joy, whom they deeply worried. In fact, "Step Yang ten million public funds" has been thinking about the difficulties of the masses, for their care has not put down.

Starting today, the step Yang Group and co-sponsored Yongkang Daily "Step Yang million public funds" warm year is officially launched, to find the most need of help 200 poor families, to help them have a good year round a dream.

This is the 15th Special Operations "Step Yang million public fund" set up seven years ago in the city carried out. As of now, the city has 280 poor college students recipients Circle the university dream, 1400 needy families warm Spring Festival because "Step Yang million welfare fund" And with laughter.

The recipients of aid recipients of this action is mainly due to natural disasters, major disease cause life difficult yongkang census register family or personnel.Activity plans to support 200 families, support of $1000 per family.

More difficult to take care of the masses, maximize the effect of public funds, the last year has been by helping the needy, the fund has been put on the list of the low-income residents and have accepted regular charity or organization support objects are not included in the scope of relief.

Apply for helping the needy to be drawn up in your village difficult situation prove (family difficult situation), registered permanent residence this getting on the belt and id again on January 22nd (working days received) to the newspaper before 409 (people delivery center) register office.After verification is determined, we will grant support

If you have qualified neighbors, relatives and friends need help, please promptly tell them, don't miss the registration time.Activity hotline: 87110110.

Enter SanJiuTian gas becomes colder, winter cold particularly strong this year, this several days of snow and ice weather let a person feel the cold, in order to make the poor have a warm winter sweet, step Yang group in addition to the recipient family 200 sets of thermal underwear, each can get a set of.The needy registration please leave along.

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