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2012 Buyang group tax amount exceed 200 million yuan(Hits:) 
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Yongkang city people's government in 2012, the large taxpayer, tax step Yang group for many years has topped.Group tax amount exceeds 200 million yuan in 2012, the cumulative tax breaks through 1.7 billion yuan.

After 21 years of development, Buyang has formed to exit, automobile wheel hub, real estate industry mainly six wholly owned subsidiaries, 25 enterprise group co., LTD.In 2013, is the second step Yang group of the 20 years, "step Yang people" will seriously thinking, meticulous planning, further adjust industrial structure should be perfected;To further strengthen the team management, real step to Yang do big business and stronger.

The graph is yongkang party secretary wei-ya zhang for group chairman Xu Buyun licences

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