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The province to promote step Yang companies such as "machine substitution" exper(Hits:) 
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On May 20, the provincial government in charge of the mayor of organizations across the province, the province's 20 strong county mayor in charge of industry, provinces, and 20 fushun city letter by the bureau of leadership, under the guidance of Mao Guanglie deputy governor, steps to Yang group workshop visit Yang technical achievement, they fully affirmed the step Yang's achievements of reformation.

Afternoon, chairman Xu Buyun are still in the province "technical innovation, the bird in a cage, machine room substitution" conference, reported on taking part in the leadership at all levels to speak.Introduced the step Yang to carry out the "machine substitution" to achieve "four minus two" related work.Step in recent years, Yang ascend in industry as an opportunity to focus on transformation and upgrading of the main line, vigorously implement the "machine substitution", to "lift efficiency of science and technology", "intensive seeks the output", "innovation billiton market" direction, promote industrial mass transfer efficiency, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.Step since 2010, Yang accumulated 225 million yuan of industrial investment, including investment of 168 million yuan "machine substitution" and cumulative save more than 30% of employment, the per capita output, product qualified rate increased significantly.CKG yongkang news

Step Mao Guanglie, according to vice governor Yang "machine substitution" grasp early work well and experience to have a good promotion."Machine substitution", he said, is to build zhejiang industrial upgrade version of the need, is to grasp the needs of the development of quality and industry, is the need of optimizing industrial development environment, is to realize the industrialization of high and new technology and advanced applicable technology scale application needs, is to expand industrial effective investment, the need of optimizing industrial investment structure, is to realize the green development, safe development and harmonious development.





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