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2013 Buyang millions of issuing public welfare funds student model(Hits:) 
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"Step to thank Yang grants let me round the university dream, more let me feel the warmth and love of the society."26, group executive floor meeting room on the second floor, echoed with the frequent heartfelt "thank you".

Yesterday, step 2013 Yang millions of public welfare fund student began to issue, each impoverished students obtain 5000 yuan grants.Zhoushan town baisha village should be rain in the morning is wenzhou university yan chai college freshmen, his father died six years ago, mother died four months ago.Should be morning misfortune to sympathise with the sufferings of the rain, his strong more let a person touched.High school every summer vacation, he will work-study programs, earn tuition and home, this summer vacation is no exception."I will finish school to become useful, and will this love spread out like a dandelion."Should rain morning said, is the social big family love let him to continue their studies, he has the responsibility and obligation to love continue.

Step this is Yang do 7 consecutive years since the establishment of the public welfare fund to carry out educational activities.For seven years, the city has funded 280 poor students.Step this year, "tentacles" Yang group will love extends to the poor mountainous areas in yunnan, the poor college students of local finance.

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