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Xu Buyun chairman visit baidu network, founder group(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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On October 31st, the city party and government and the top 50 enterprises delegation ended the trip to Beijing.

A four-day visit schedule.On October 29, delegation listened to three lectures, ye tan, hu, professional peace three lecturers are very accomplished and influential experts and scholars in China.On October 30, a delegation inspected the baidu network, founder group, zhongguancun national innovation demonstration area, exhibition hall, the latest way of network marketing, the forefront of science and technology.

October 31, a delegation to Beijing yanjing beer group company headquarters and China nuclear industry 23 construction co., LTD.Yanjing beer, adhere to the road of connotative expanded reproduction, insist on relying on scientific and technological progress, promote enterprise development, is currently the group has developed into China and Asia's largest beer production enterprises, the eight world beer enterprises.

Nuclear in two or three company is Asia's largest comprehensive nuclear installation enterprise, the company technique strength is strong, especially in the nuclear power engineering, national defense and petrochemical engineering construction, installation times by party and state leaders as major construction projects of "national team", "tiejun.In recent years, the nuclear 23 companies in close cooperation with zhuhai enterprises, with big companies such as enterprise established a strategic cooperative partnership.

Group chairman Xu Buyun said the trip was deeply touched and inspired, secondary confidence, innovation upgrade ideas.He said: "the network marketing is the marketing mode of the integration and upgrade, it is a kind of trend, used to 'electricity traders in the city is just a conceptual understanding, understanding is not deep, the expedition refreshing."

Xu Buyun chairman, said the study saw the forefront of China's new projects and new achievements of science and technology, hope in the development of enterprises to upgrade to digest, to a brainstorming "baptism", strive to get more harvest.

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