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The eleventh Buyang festival evening party held successfully(Hits:) 
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Dealers across the country on the stage show

On November 3rd night, step Yang group, the factory in China, more than 5000 step Yang waving our employees, had a carnival night, in the evening, company held the 11th step Yang culture festival.

Step Yang festival director Cheng Mingsong said: "the festival program began to prepare, at the beginning of the year to various countries marketing seminar, at the same time, we held the 11th step Yang festival pageant, from dealers across the country sent more than 150 dealers, but also choose the five programs let dealers appearing on stage.

Step on this day, Yang group door industry quality inspection workshop staff Yang Cai xing has been looking forward to for a long time.Yang Cai xing step in Yang group has been working for 16 years, the 11 th step Yang festival, he is a year behind: "are all employees show the rehearsal, everyone are familiar faces, watch workmates performance than watching star."

Yang festival is steps staff firm festival every year, at a fixed time in every year on October 3 solstice on November 4, so far this year have been held 11 consecutive terms.

"Through cultural festival held for many years, has trained a lot of people who have talent, not only enrich the cultural life of employees, daily, in the workshop, the warehouse, we can hear singing away."Step Yang group chairman Xu Buyun said, cultural festival created a good atmosphere of a spirited, enterprising, active corporate culture has become a driving force of the enterprise development and cohesion.


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