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Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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Another masterpiece - yongkang phoenix step Yang group sales center 10, of the public.Visit is very hot in the day, record calls nearly 2000 group, visiting more than 1000 groups.

Reporters on the scene to see, in nearly 3000 square meters of luxury, are consulting clients in an endless stream, the visitors in front of the building model are lined up., as the representative of step Yang real estate products series, phoenix, in line with "quality construction, standardized management, humanistic care, environmental protection health durable" high-quality goods strategy, make sure that with the best quality feedback to owner.It is understood that the first to launch high-level products, area from 79 to 79 ㎡, fannie and Freddie, three room, four rooms and so on many kinds.

According to introducing, Buyang real estate will be spent heavily to build 5 square meters of European landscape, village has 100 a variety of rich slope vegetation landscape, more than 20 groups, more than 60 arbors dense forest, a variety of shrubs, 30 community introduced tree species for adult trees, all reveal a noble, delicate, style of Europe type style.According to the our city the south area of urban planning, plate will be into the core of noble living south of the city center, is seen as a promising residential district are forming.

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