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Step on February 8, Yang group marketing mobilization meeting in 2014 in dongyang exhibition center held ceremoniously blue sky white cloud, the chairman Xu Buyun Liu Binyi, yueh-ping li, general manager of sales department, indoor door sales manager, and the country office manager and sales elite gathered, sum up 2013, challenge 2014.

Meeting, xu on sales of 2013 sales task, closely around group company strategic planning, sales department in a positive attitude to a variety of response to market changes, to dig deeper into the product whole life cycle of whole process management of potential opportunities with customers, face to face with competition, indomitable, overcome the difficulties, the steel door has grown two millimeters, 2.52 million, has grown two millimeters armored door 150000 excellent grades.

Subsequently, the meeting set for the New Year the arrangement of the office personnel, determine the sales target has grown two millimeters to 2.8 million, the new office of nanchang, the new office manager have to speak, said in the New Year, under the guidance of chairman xu, will be able to complete YuanCheng 2014 sales task.Each office members, confident, signed the 2014 target responsibility, potential in 2014 has grown two millimeters 2.8 million goal victory.

After the meeting, indoor door sales manager Liu Binyi lead all the office staff visited the exhibition hall indoor door, production workshop, and targeted training of office staff.

The meeting

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