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The 12th Buyang festival evening party held successfully(Hits:) 
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November 3 night, the 12th Buyang festival evening party, successful Xu Buyun chairman, vice chairman invited Chen Jiangyue Su Liqing, vice President of the all-china federation of trade unions, yongkang leadership Jiang Jingong, ying flourished at hochiminh magnitude and the more than 5000 people watched the evening party.Wonderful show further inspire the staff enthusiasm, concentrate the power of enterprises, promote step Yang "secondary", create brilliant.

The party in all steps of the grand staff chorus song of step "staff", step Yang group chairman Xu Buyun in his remarks, asked the staff to participate in the enthusiasm of cultural activities, into a passion and enthusiasm of work, to further strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise, realize the "secondary" create new splendor.During the meeting, vice chairman of the all-china federation of trade unions Su Liqing step for Yang group gave nameboards "national demonstration base of enterprise culture, step and praised Yang group enterprise culture characteristic, grade, especially for 12 consecutive years starting culture festival is not simple.Employees write and play big dance step Yang second take-off, poetry readings step Yang second set and other programs are brilliant, already showed the talent of the staff of step, also through the program, to inspire the staff enthusiasm.Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known singer timi, love song prince Samuel tai, CCTV famous comedian Guo Jinjie step also join Yang festival party, beautiful songs, funny sketch, mysterious magic and superb acrobatic, make all climax the evening, colorful, make the scene more than 5000 employees and from all over the country more than 200 excellent dealer spent a memorable Buyang night.


Xu Buyun chairman to speak

Su Liqing for Buyang, vice President of the all-china federation of trade unions gave nameboards group "demonstration base of national enterprises

Vice chairman Chen Jiangyue prizes to the excellent dealer

Company management personnel to power interaction

Employees square dance program

Zhuo Yiting soulful singing

Tai Zhengxiao to entertain the 12th Buyang culture festival

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