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A group of elite team outdoor development training reporter

Improve staff quality, enhance the team cohesion and centripetal force, which is an important link in enterprise internal work practice, is also a basic work to promote enterprise's sustainable development.

On December 1, group organized more than 200 senior management staff to outdoor training base, to carry out the "golden eagle smelting, breakthrough and growth" outdoor experiential training.

The training take accurate militarized management model, training, regardless of position within the system is the high tension line, obedience is the first duty of all players.

"Ice" is the first training course, all trainees are divided into several teams, each team members of clear division of labor, respectively, to design their own team name, team, badge, under the guidance of instructors, three teams ever, he wants to go to training.

60 seconds to snap the subject, the players to experience to be successful must put everyone's intelligence gathering on the team, not on the same issue repeated mistakes, should cooperate closely, collaboration.

"High broken bridge", "high catch bar" is a personal challenge subject, also is one of the most difficult subjects, when the players stood in the narrow in the 12 meters, must overcome fear in high altitude, "across the front difficult step, a big step in life growing up" is that all the players feel.

"Solitaire" make the players understand "chains" to break the inertial thinking, test a team's execution, how exercise leadership in the team thoughts distracting and orderly organization, feel only mutual cooperation between teams, to achieve the double surplus.

The end of the training of one day, you dragged tired body to return "home", it seems, are still not finish, excited to continue to discussion.Many colleagues said, though this is training, but all the efforts to get the recognition and rewards, very lucky to experience with excellent players in success encouraged each other, support each other, towards a common goal together forge ahead of the process.This process is really an enjoyment.

I know everyone has benefited from this day, both of body and mind exercise, also have more tacit understanding each other.

The outward bound training, more important is to make all management personnel to experience the joy of dedication, collaboration, and courage bring success to comprehend the essence of "team in harmony", this is infinite energy will be deeply rooted in every step Yang managers of heart, passed each other in the future work, infection, with driving step Yang group better and faster development.


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