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The fifth "Xu Buyun grants" in ZheShiDa distribution(Hits:) 
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On December 6, zhejiang normal university "Xu Buyun grants" awards conference held.Zhejiang normal university, dean of the relevant step yue-hua bu, Yang group deputy general manager Cheng Mingsong attended the ceremony.

Yue-hua bu spoke first, think "Xu Buyun grants" is on the cause of education care and support, but also for the vast number of outstanding teachers and outstanding students care and encouragement.

Subsequently, yue-hua bu, award-winning Cheng Mingsong for teachers and students awarded scholarship grants, the teachers and students benefit from 75, awards totaling 200000 yuan.Finally, Cheng Mingsong step on behalf of Yang group, congratulations on winning the teachers and students, and expect alumni teachers to continue "burns oneself, light up the others", students have to "line and knowledge, knowledge, passing on love, return society".

"Xu Buyun grants" is set up by the chairman of the board of directors Xu Buyun $8 million in 2010, 200000 yuan a year, respectively, set up 160000 yuan "Xu Buyun outstanding student award" and "Xu Buyun outstanding teacher award" 40000 yuan.There are more than 400 ZheShiDa between teachers and students benefit.

ZheShiDa Xu Buyun grants distribution site

Secretary of the party committee Cheng Mingsong to take picture with excellent student award

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