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Warmly celebrate step Yang group won the five-star service brand of Chinese ente(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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On January 18, 2015, "national enterprise brand evaluation conference and the 2nd China five-star brand BBS" was held in Beijing diaoyutai hotel.The BBS by China general chamber of commerce, the Chinese society of productivity, jointly organized by China consumer protection foundation, the theme of "implementation of brand strategy policy Booster brand certification set sail.The certification of delixi, CSR, China step Yang group, 15-year-old guidelines pipeline in xinjiang, xinjiang township industry, dreams gin garden, jiangling motors, aucma, ender, wuliangye nearly hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises logistics representatives present at the meeting.

The event "round table dialogue", "road of the development of Chinese enterprise brand", "Internet finance raise" the topic is discussed.

The major policies for the implementation of national "brand power", further stable cross country brand evaluation criteria, state on September 17, 2014, Beijing wuzhou tianyu approved certification center certification to expansion "business enterprise brand evaluation certification".This is China's first implementation of the third party brand certification authority.Certification is based on the evaluation and enterprise culture construction business enterprise brand guide to the national standard.The standard of its core content for commercial, corporate brand evaluation index and score, score with a point value between 0 and 1000, divided into "ability, quality, reputation, enterprise culture," five first-level indicators, such as 17 secondary indexes, 52 tertiary indicators.More than four levels evaluation results: the total score of 950 points for five-star brand;More than 900 points for a four-star brands;More than 800 points for the three-star brand;More than 700 points for the two brands.Obtain the "five-star brand" certificates of enterprise are: delixi electric co., LTD., aucma co., LTD, sichuan yibin wuliangye co., LTD., jiangling automobile co., LTD., step Yang group co., LTD., China south locomotive co., LTD., shandong dream gin garden jewelry co., LTD., henan Song He wine co., LTD., which makes engineering machinery co., LTD., Andrew logistics co., LTD., etc. 17.

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