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Warmly celebrate western step Yang zhongyi industrial park was based(Hits:) 
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In the middle of April, 2015, the group of shifang in sichuan big trigger social sensation - planned 1000 mu, investment of 2 billion yuan investment has grown two millimeters, the annual production of 3 million doors, annual output value of 3 billion yuan.Step west Yang zhongyi industrial foundation, the highest first-class, domestic technology security door production line in sichuan, this is the group in promoting maeda industries competitiveness and implement the important strategy of industrial transformation and upgrading, and group, a new milestone in the history.

Sichuan province, shifang, deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee of the municipal party committee secretary li zhi to attend the opening ceremony of the project.Step over the past five years, Yang exit overall sales market share has increased by nearly three times, exit division 9 years in a row in the exit domestic brand first.As the leading industry brands, the rapid development of the group for many years to get the favour of local governments.In 2013, the group's development with the shifang city government to establish the security base and signed a cooperation framework agreement, the plan will be the western strategic center of shifang into group.

According to introducing, the base covers an area of 1000 mu, construction completed in three stages within five years.A total investment of 2 billion yuan, the first investment of 720 million yuan, the first planning land area of 300 mu.The first phase of construction is expected to a year and a half, in December 2016, trial-produce, production after the first implement the security capacity has grown two millimeters, 1 million.Through five years of construction, implementation has grown two millimeters of 3 million security door manufacturing and r&d centre.

Exit the market competition is intense, each brand have also show different advantages, grab market.Although door industry market competition in the drama, but in the final analysis is the product of competition, the starting point of all the competing are returning to the product itself.Step group of high-level, said Yang will exit product from the product appearance, process, control, function and intelligent will achieve new breakthroughs in technology and quality upgrading, product upgrading, product competitiveness, differentiated product innovation route.

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