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Origin Author Add Time2015-07-22
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Group became the first in zhejiang province as enterprises, and become the leading model of industrial upgrading

On April 20, 2015, in "made in zhejiang province" brand cultivation training camp activities BiYing type, group "lean management" by zhejiang province quality technology supervision bureau awarded "zhejiang manufacturing" brand cultivating excellent project, became one of the first 12 companies as the project in the province, set the benchmark for the province's manufacturing enterprises.

To build advanced manufacturing base, promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, and the government of zhejiang province linkage to promote standard strong province, strong quality, brand strong province, the region made in "origin" brand experience for reference, the implementation of the "made in zhejiang province" brand cultivation project as the quality of the construction of the strong province is an important basic project, to improve the quality of "made in zhejiang province", and leading the "made in zhejiang" upgrade, "made in zhejiang province", the image enhancement "made in zhejiang".

In 2014, sponsored by the bureau of quality and technical supervision of zhejiang province, zhejiang university to undertake "made in zhejiang province" brand cultivation training camp activities, group became the first group of students.Training camp in the evaluation standard of zhejiang manufacturing as the basis, around the "excellent quality, independent innovation, industrial coordination, social responsibility" key traits, such as the province pledges inspect bureau from 10 industries more than 100 breeding companies standard diagnosis and system training.

21, the zhejiang province pledges inspect bureau deputy director JiShengLin led related personnel to group, the "made in zhejiang province" brand for the experimental breeding research.Provincial research group visited the group security doors production workshop and product display platform, knowledge production, and at the scene of the group held a symposium.

JiShengLin thinks that Buyang group in the present China's economy cools, great situation of world economic recession, actively seeking breakthrough enterprise transformation, from strengthening its management system and mechanism, fully implementing lean manufacturing, and as a response to market changes and the major strategic layout of enterprise transformation, become the leading model of "made in zhejiang" upgrade.

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